Managing a hotel of any size is very difficult. There are numerous stress points for hotel staff, such as ensuring smooth operations and satisfying guest requests and needs.

Communication among hotel staff is necessary. If hotel staff are able to know and follow their tasks correctly, then that will directly increase staff productivity and engagement, as well as guest satisfaction.

According to Gallup’s research, high employee engagement provides 17% higher productivity, 20% higher sales and 21% higher profitability.

If you are in the hospitality management sector and want to satisfy your guests with engaged and productive hotel staff, we have some important tips you should follow.

Tips to Improve Staff Productivity and Guest Satisfaction

There are many modern technologies that can help hotel managers to boost their staff engagement and motivation.

You should keep in mind that just relying on old techniques won’t be enough to provide sustainable improvement in staff productivity. You should approach productivity from modern and traditional angles in order to support your team in our digital and “always on” world.

So first, let’s have a look at the most effective classical ways to improve staff productivity in hospitality management.

4 Classical Techniques to Maximise Staff Productivity

1. Team Up 

Teamwork involves a group of people working collaboratively for a common goal or purpose.

Especially when it comes to hospitality management, the customer is always right. And you need to be a strong team to meet guest demands as soon as possible in seamless harmony. That’s why teamwork skills are one of the most desired skills in hospitality.

Being a team member and feeling encouraged helps hotel staff to build strong and solid relationships. As a result, you should create and strengthen that understanding and respect among your staff.

Here are some examples of how teamwork will improve overall staff performance:

  • Provides a better understanding of the complexities and challenges in each of their respective roles
  • Helps them become better communicators
  • Allows them to feel important in the overall functioning of the hotel
  • Lets them gain skills in managing group projects
  • Teaches them to learn how to work productively with others
  • Helps them recognise the value of the division of labour
2. Boost Motivation

Let’s be honest, one of the best motivations for your hotel staff is a good salary.

Paying a little bit more than your competitors should be enough. The significant point here is to give your staff a sense of value for their hard work and to make them feel that they are appreciated.

Of course, money is not the only solution to motivate your staff. You can offer other incentives, such as:

  • Private health care
  • Child-minding services
  • Flexible rest breaks
  • Dining facilities
  • Transportation
  • Reduced working hours
  • Positive feedback
  • Public recognition (e.g. Employee of the week)
3. Give Guidance

Hiring employees with a written job description can have a huge impact on productivity. This is because when the new hires are unprepared for their duties, they get stuck from the beginning.

Even if you have completed an interview process before, you might find out later that the employee is missing key skills to fulfil the job.

As a manager, you have to support your team and give them guidance.

Below, we’ve listed some topics that you can help provide guidance to your hotel staff:

  • Outlining the roles
  • Creating goals
  • Training for new skills
  • Framing the company’s brand and mission
4. Create a Learning Environment

Encouraging your staff to expand their skills is highly significant for sustainable growth. Make them step outside their comfort zone and embrace challenges.

At first, employees can show resistance but then they will recognise that it’s a rewarding approach. Especially with the rise of technological solutions, life-long learning is necessary to survive in any business.  

Here are some examples of topics that you can give your staff to learn:

  • New technologies
  • Payment systems
  • Administrative back-end tasks
  • End-of-day procedures

Now that we’ve gone through the classical methods, let’s take a look at the new era of technological solutions.

4 Benefits of Staff Apps To Boost Staff Engagement

There are numerous guest engagement platforms and apps to improve engagement. These guest apps are generally designed to make the customer journey easier and more exciting with the branded content. So why not use this technology to also improve workflows and hotel staff productivity, so that hotels can provide the best service to their guests?

Staff management apps can be considered as the back-end of a guest engagement platform.

Staff apps connect guests, as well as HR and operational departments, to the hotel staff. As a result, it has lots of productivity effects on hotel staff.

That’s why it’s important to cover the benefits of a staff app for hotels looking to improve staff productivity and guest satisfaction.

1. Improved Communication 

The most obvious and prominent benefit of a staff app is the improvement of internal staff communication. Guests can also communicate with hotel staff directly, which helps to facilitate a positive guest experience and streamline staff workflow.

Organising the staff becomes easier as guests will receive direct responses from the relevant team members, which is a major factor in increasing their satisfaction.

In summary, a staff app acts as a touchpoint between guests and staff.

2. Easy to Adapt 

Using a staff app is not complicated or hard. They are similar to regular messaging apps on mobile devices and don’t require any technical background to use. In fact, the WeBee Staff App requires only a 5 to 10-minute training video for staff members to learn how to use the app.

3. Effective Guest Request Management 

Aside from providing better means of communication, staff apps also increase the effectiveness of customer request management. Staff members can directly respond to messages and update the management staff or the guest themselves. This process removes multiple third-parties in the request management process, which increases both the efficiency and speed of the requests being handled.

4. Real-Time Responses 

Staff apps enable centralised management of customer requests and complaints, as well as staff responses. All updates are in real-time.

Real-time provides other indirect improvements to the guest experience. Management staff will be aware of complaints instantly, which allows them to take action fast. Even a negative situation can turn into a positive guest experience if it is resolved quickly and considerately.

A comprehensive guest engagement platform like WeBee will include a staff management app. With the WeBee guest engagement platform, hotels not only acquire their own tailor-made branded app but also a staff app to increase efficiency and evenly distribute the workload.

The WeBee staff app is accessible from both mobile and web devices for convenient 24/7 usage. Contact us if you have further questions and learn how WeBee can boost your guest and staff engagement.

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