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Hoteliers and Guests


WeBee’s user-friendly, white-labeled platform was created with a customer-driven approach to simplify hotelier’s lives by digitilizing their communication, marketing and hotel staff workflow.

WeBee builds a lasting relationship and communication between hoteliers and guests before, during, and after their stay. WeBee helps hoteliers to understand what guests do and when helping improve your ability to deliver on guests expectations.


Delivering the Extraordinary

Working WeBee means that you gain yourself a passionate, collaborative solutions partner. WeBee strives to understand the particular needs of its hotel partners and provide them with efficient solutions and services to help them maximize their profits and value to their guests’ travel experiences.

That’s why WeBee has a “Customer Success Program”  -an industry first - that ensures you will be benefiting WeBee at the full capacity 24/7.

Your Global Partner for Excellence

With our extensive global experience in luxury hospitality and deep understanding of technology’s role in supercharging operations, we know how to swiftly deploy, train and work with you to ensure an up to 60x ROI.

We generate better customer experience, better reviews, and better revenues by designing accessible, human, seamless, fluid, fast, and easy to integrate user experiences and technological solutions.

WeBee not only offers you the cutting-edge tools to achieve these goals but gives you the support you need, no matter where you are. From staff orientation to integration, we walk every step of the road with you.

WeBee Keeps Growing
As New Investors Join


WeBee, a market leader in Turkey, aims to strengthen its presence in foreign markets by using its investments to establish overseas offices, with goals to become an industry leader on the global stage.

If you would like to hear more about WeBee’s growth journey, feel free to get in touch with us.

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How WeBee became the hotel industry’s favorite guest engagement platform.

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Success Stories

No Matter What Season, It’s Always Sunny in the Maldives!

We are proud to share that Ayada Maldives Resort has chosen our WeBee guest engagement platform to launch their branded app. 

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Our Team works with the priority of establishing long-term relationships, up-to-date information with the investors.

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