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Detailed Reporting

EaSee is a staff collaboration tool that helps hotel staff to streamline, optimize and monitor the service request flow and efficiency. EaSee automates hotel operations, reduces labor costs, improves service speed and quality by engaging teams and ultimately increases guest satisfaction level.

With EaSee your staff’s work will be reportable and perfectible. You will get deep insight about your staff's productivity within periodic reporting or real time status with its user friendly dashboards.

One Perfect Synced Team

Whether it's a housekeeping, maintenance, front desk or concierge request EaSee helps your staff work together as one perfect synced team with a consolidated service delivery system. With EaSee you can ensure that all requests are met on time without any glitches.

EaSee replaces your shedded operations with an easy-to-use task management system enabling your entire staff to work together.

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Excellences Service Standards

EaSee has a state-of-art service optimization technology that improves customer service, increases productivity for your hotel by supporting and streamlining guest service operations. EaSee ensures your team's success and improves your services to excellence standards.

With connecting your staff, your departments and your leadership and making them work together on a simple dashboard your hotel services will be reaching the highest standards:  from ensuring basic customer needs are met, to executing highly personalized and anticipatory service.

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Smart & Easy

Reporting System

With EaSee’s dashboards, reporting is smart and easy. Instead of providing tons of reports that can be confusing and time taking to review, improve  your work  with actionable reports.

With EaSee smart dashboard you can see an overview of hotel performance, making it easier for hoteliers to analyze key reporting and data points with dynamic operational dashboards, labor output metrics, and guest amenity request features.

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With EaSee’s detailed reports you can optimize and reduce the time it takes to fulfill all departments' guest requests.



Your staff’s work will be reportable and perfectible. With EaSee you can improve staff productivity so your team can  be recognized by the good service that they give.


More Satisfied


With perfected guest service your guest will be more satisfied, guest complaints will be reduced.


Data Driven


With EaSee’s smart reporting, identify request trends and analyze staff performance to make the best decisions for your hotel.

How Does

EaSee Work?

Easy use easy understand dashboards help hoteliers all the way through staff's daily work.

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