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WeBee HotelBuilder creates a single page for your hotel that includes your hotel information, the services you offer, guest communication and your concierge, allowing your guests to reach you with a single click in just seconds.

Create your digital compendium in 1 minute, Get started for Free and easily manage your guests' satisfaction and spending habits.

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Create & Customize Your Hotel Digital Compendium Within Minutes

Connect your hotel info, outlet services, room info, your direct booking link, requests, orders, guest communication, and more under one page. It all comes together in a landing page designed to convert.

With WeBee HotelBuilder’s state-of-art technology you can create a tailor-made page of your hotel within minutes and customize it under your hotel brand rules. It will take less than 5 minutes to create one-touch access to your hotel’s outlet services.

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Share Your QR Codes &

Drive Your Revenue

Add your generated URL to all platforms and places to find your future and loyal guests. Then use the unique QR codes that will be built for your hotel outlet services and drive your revenue by managing your guests’ spending habits.

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Go Green!

Reduce Printed Material Costs

Now it’s all about sustainability. Think how often you have to reprint a menu or a brochure for just a little change and the time you lost. By carrying your hotel's printed materials to digital you will be reducing the carbon footprint and the costs of your printed materials. You can change anything you want with our user-friendly dashboard and Voila! It’s at the fingertips of your guests.

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Guests Satisfaction.Delivered!

Offer never interrupted hotel experience to your guests with no download solution..

You can engage your guest and guests can send their messages, place their orders, and complete the check-in and check-out processes on your mobile site.

Your dream guest experience is just 5 minutes away!

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