WeBee Suite

A Complete Digital Guest Facing Platform

WeBee is a guest facing technology that creates a digital bridge between hoteliers and guests to maximize guest satisfaction. WeBee Suite simplifies hoteliers’ lives by digitizing their communication, marketing, and hotel staff workflow by focusing on the guest engagement at all phases of the guest journey. WeBee delivers 30x to 60X ROI and it has proven that the hotels that work with WeBee have average 4.8 Trip Advisor scores.

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Connect More Improve More

EaSee is a staff collaboration tool that helps hotel staff to streamline, optimize and monitor the service request flow and efficiency. EaSee automates hotel operations, reduces labor costs, improves service speed and quality by engaging teams and ultimately increases guest satisfaction and hospitality management level.

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WeBee HotelBuilder

Every service you offer to your guests - in just one click.

WeBee HotelBuilder creates a single page for your hotel that includes your hotel information, the services you offer, guest communication and your concierge, allowing your guests to reach you with a single click in just seconds. Create your digital compendium in 1 minute, Get started for Free and easily manage your guests' satisfaction and spending habits.

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