Staff App Connects

Your Staff with Your Guests

User friendly, efficient and practical, Staff App is developed for increasing the performance of your staff and the happiness of your guests. Your staff can view all the requests made from WeBee iOS & Android Apps in real time and respond in the shortest time.



Your daily workflow will be optimized, simplified and easy to monitor. Staff App is easy to report and reduces the paper work and unnecessary telephone traffic.

Easy to


Managers can create users according to responsibilities, working hours, areas, professions and sub-departments. They can also monitor the communication to ensure a high-quality service.



Connect in real time- from any device anywhere. Staff App is developed for the convenience of all hotel staff and it is available for web browsers, mobile phones and tablets independent of an operating system.



WeBee Staff App enables you to write messages in the convenience of your native language, and it translates them into more than 110 languages for your guests. No more misunderstandings and errors.


How Does

The Staff App Work?

WeBee offers the best tools and solutions for your hotel for creating a more profitable, agile and effective operation.



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