WeBee is a guest engagement platform offering convenient mobile app for hotel guests, request and reputation management tools for hotel management and staff.

WeBee manages the travel and stay experience as a whole so it offers features aimed to improve the pre-booking and post-stay experience too. It also provides  a communication channel for both hoteliers and guests to communicate.

However, at the end of the day, the hospitality industry is a business and all businesses make decisions based on numbers. Just convenience is not a good enough motivation for a business person. This is why this document looks into some interesting facts and data collected from hotels that use WeBee’s guest engagement platform.

A better reputation and more engagement means a strong brand image and more potential brand ambassadors. Free happy customers bring in more customers. And aside from that, there will be good ROI and increased revenue… These all seem like valid reasons and facts making it clear that using WeBee is a smart decision for hotels.

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