In 2016, Done managed the project development of multiple chain hotels in Dubai. After successfully executing a series of projects, Done standardised its management process as a product. With this product, Done secured the support of ITU Gate and the European Union in 2017 and completed the final version (now branded as WeBee) in 2018, using an investment of $2 million.

After recruiting an energetic and driven sales team in the final quarter of 2018, WeBee finalised agreements with 41 hotels across 4 different countries within 4 months.

Özgür Zan, General Manager at WeBee, states that hotels using the WeBee Guest Engagement Platform have achieved an average income increase of $12 to $30 per room.



With WeBee, these hotels also saw an increase in their customer review scores on travel platforms, such as and Tripadvisor, thanks to a better guest experience provided by WeBee.

As for WeBee’s future plans? Özgür Zan states their plan is to reach more than 500 hotels across 10 countries by the end of 2019.

WeBee attributes their quick success to the scalable and tangible improvements they’ve made to hotel guest experiences. With a great product and persistent mindset, it’s certain WeBee will keep expanding its reach to more hotels and provide added-value for businesses and their guests.

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