EMITT, the East Mediterranean International Travel and Tourism exhibition is one of the world’s biggest exhibitions gathering travel and hospitality industry professionals from all around the world every year. Annually, more than 50,000 attendants and come together to exhibit their products and services across 13 categories and attract more than 50.000 visitors.

EMITT offers a great chance to understand new trends in the hospitality industry, a first-hand look at the direction it’s heading, and very good networking opportunities.

At WeBee, we understand the increasing importance of software and technology in the hospitality business. This is why we see the WeBee Guest engagement platform as the manifestation of our endeavour to keep learning, improving, evolving and progressing. And this is why we see events like EMITT as good opportunities to share this vision and perception.



We were happy to take part in EMITT between 31 January to 3 February 2019, one of the hospitality industry’s most important events, and we are also grateful for the opportunity to see a glimpse of the future of the industry.

While we are looking forward to the next EMITT, we’ll process the experience and further improve our product until the next EMITT. We’d like to thank everyone for showing interest in our team and product and would love to see you at next year’s EMITT.

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