The hospitality industry has been one of the hardest-hit industries due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hotels and businesses related to this industry have had to shut down or dial down their operations to adhere to the new norms or survive. But things are picking up – with caution. While social distancing remains critical to curbing the spread of the coronavirus, innovation is crucial for the hospitality industry. Guest Engagement Platforms have suddenly become the beacon for the industry, which was previously highly dependent on addressing its customers upfront.

Özgür Zan- WeBee is one of the leading companies that are helping the hospitality industry through these troubling times. How is WeBee doing this? By delivering the latest technology in Mobile Applications / Guest Engagement Platforms for hotels, which supports their business. WeBee has helped hotels receive high ratings of 4.8 and 9.4 on premier Travel Rating Platforms like TripAdvisor and It has also enabled hotels to increase their revenues (F&B, SPA, Laundry, Tour Sales and etc.) by an amount up to 36 USD per room per month.


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