In 2020, we have all witnessed a sharp increase in the usage of remote working and learning technologies such as webinars, e-learning, live events over social media and video communications. In 2021, these technologies will continue to shape all of our professional and social lives. And there is no doubt that the digital transformation across all countries and industries are expected to gain further momentum in 2021 and forward.

Although it is a broad term, digital transformation is a systematic application of some or all of the interrelated technologies such as AI, Advanced Analytics, Biotechnologies, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Contactless Solutions, Cryptocurrencies, IoT, Image Recognition and Mobile Applications. All these technologies will continue to prosper in this new year. However, the technology is only one side of the calculation. In order to successfully implement it,  people and processes also should be considered and carefully aligned with the digitalization plans.


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