This infographic sheds light on the recent mobile stats in the hospitality industry.

Mobile presence is becoming vital in all industries including hospitality as the number of smartphone users increases. Download our infographic to see the latest stats in the hospitality industry and understand why hotels should consider having their own mobile guest engagement solution.

You will learn more about the numbers and percentages of mobile users, mobile share of travel visits, mobile queries within travel category, mobile bookings, mobile check-in, mobile room key and how guests like mobile offers.

As shown by the infographic, mobile’s share of travel visits has grown and mobile queries within the travel category on Google have increased. Plus, the majority of travelers prefer using their mobile devices to book, to check-in & check-out, to receive offers and even as a room key!

In other words, it’s obvious that we are always on the go, therefore it’s important that hotels benefit from mobile and make sure that they reach the guests on their mobile devices to increase the guest engagement. Enhancing the guest engagement will improve their guest satisfaction, their online reputation, guest ownership and revenue while decreasing OTA costs.

Like all other industries, mobile is on the rise in the hospitality industry too. Hotels have the chance to interact with their guests at each phase of their journeys. Now is the time to go mobile for a better guest engagement.

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