Enhance the communication between your staff and your guests. Manage the requests efficiently.

Touchpoint of Hotel Staff with Guests

With WeBee Staff App, your hotel staff can easily manage the requests of your guests that are made via WeBee iOS and Android apps.

It will make your employee’s job easier with its user-friendly design. While improving the teams’ connectivity with each other, Staff App lets you ensure guest satisfaction by responding to the requests smoothly and on time. It is easy to use for hotel staff. Within 5 minutes of video training hotel staff can learn to use it.

Responsive and Real-time

Staff App is built for web browsers, mobile phones and tablets, independent of an operating system. Its design is responsive, so the device resolution is not a matter.

Thanks to its technology, all screens of Staff App works in real-time. Staff App users don’t have to refresh screens to get the most recent status of a list of requests, or details of a request.

Your staff can communicate in real time with each other and the guests. Improve guest satisfaction by managing requests in real-time. Every requests are sent with a audio and visual warning on the screen of the hotel staff.

Manage Guest Requests

Staff App is developed to be used by all hotel staff who are responsible of handling different kinds of guest service requests.

Managers can create users who have different responsibilities according to working hours, responsibility areas, professions, sub-departments and etc.on Staff App. They can also monitor the communication to ensure a high quality service.

When a guest requests a service from the mobile app, it is generated on Staff App. This request is assigned to an available hotel staff who can deal with the request. When a task is assigned to a staff, the guest is informed about the status of the request by a push notification message. The hotel staff can also contact the guest directly within Staff App by text messages.

Be it a SPA reservation or a housekeeping request, the correct staff in charge will be handling the request and respond to it quickly thanks to Staff App.


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