We are happy to announce that we’ve been mentioned by Webrazzi, Turkey’s leading online publication on digital and technological developments. Here are the highlights of the post:

Let’s introduce you to the platform “WeBee”, which facilitates understanding the guest needs and helps hotel guests to meet all the services that they need during their stay by mobilizing hotel and customer relations.

WeBee has been implemented as an end-to-end guest experience management solution, which contains advanced applications to provide a demand management system and guest interaction within the hotel, and to follow-up and guarantee guest satisfaction with post-service surveys. The platform draws attention to itself with the convenience provided to both hotels and hotels’ customers. WeBee builds an application under the hotel’s own brand, and afterwards provides free consultancy and guidance to the hotel with customer success program to make the system successful.

For hotels that choose WeBee, the revenues per room and the TripAdvisor scores are increasing, and accordingly the guest satisfactions too. WeBee also helps hotels raise the number of their direct bookings. On the other hand, hotels’ customers fulfill all their requests from their smartphones upon their pre-arrivals or during their stays, thanks to WeBee without the need of speaking to anybody or facing any language problems.

How does a guest engagement differ from an ordinary accommodation with WeBee?

With WeBee, guest requests are answered more quickly and misunderstandings arising from the language problem disappear, because WeBee functions in many different languages and uses an automatic translation system between the guests and the hotel authority. Guests can use their mobile phones to log in to the rooms, to order food, to make reservations for hotel events and restaurants / SPA’s, to call taxi, to call room service, to report room problems, to call dry cleaning/laundry and so on. They can also follow the status of their demands and requests with it. In short, guests can reach anything they want without having to communicate with the hotel authorities individually.

Currently WeBee is already being used in the United Arab Emirates and Turkey, and its sales network includes Germany, Austria, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, North Cyprus and the Philippines. In Dubai, the RODA Hotel chain works with WeBee now, and in May new hotels from the Middle East will be joining the platform.

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