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Increase your guest engagement before, during, and after your guests’ stay with WeBee’s 100% customizable, user-friendly mobile app. WeBee Apps give your guests a flawless user experience with your digital compendium and enable you to be at the reach range whenever they need your services. Be more connected to your guests and make the experience unforgettable for them and manageable for you.

Any device, anywhere, any language.

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Get more Tripadvisor & reviews and higher scores that boost your hotel’s online reputation with WeBee App. The Mid-Stay & Post-Stay surveys allow you to send a well-designed inquiry page to your guests at the mid-stay and track their responses.

Get aware of unsatisfied guests while they are still at the hotel and have the opportunity to change their minds. More positive review scores mean better brand reputation. Better brand reputation means more revenue.

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Seamless Communication

Enable the best messaging experience within your own hotel app at every stage of your guests’ journey from pre-arrival to post-stay. WeBee uses bi-directional language translations in 110 languages to lift all the barriers between your hotels and your guests and enables your staff become more accesible from all locations. Give your guests the personalized touch that they want.

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Offer your guests authenticity and sustainable and consistent service through WeBee. From restaurant to spa services, tours, special room decorations, or photoshoots, any service or product you offer is gains visibility.

Let your guests know all about your hotel and its services and create a higher engagement; generate better revenue.

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of Success

Every step of your guests’ journey is designed for success: From hotel search to post-stay interact with your guests for a first-class experience. You can manage a full cycle with WeBee.

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