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Mid-stay Surveys

Hotel managers can conduct mid-stay surveys to their guests while they are still at the hotel to get their opinions about their experience.

If they are not as much happy as to leave with positive feelings, hotel managers can do anything to make them happy and leave their hotel with positive thoughts. This is the key factor for a hotel to have a bright reputation.

If a guest leaves a hotel with positive feelings, it is more probable that this guest can come back for another stay later on. If a WeBee mobile app user rates the hotel high, then the guest is prompted to rate the hotel on TripAdvisor. If the guest accepts it, app user is directed to hotel’s TripAdvisor page on web or on TripAdvisor mobile application.

Personalized Offers & Targeted Campaigns

Guest Engagement Platform enables hotel managers to deliver targeted special offers to their guests via WeBee mobile apps. Each guest’s behavior and experience can be different from the other. Some may prefer eating in their room, some may like going to SPA after dinner, some don’t like having breakfast but have their lunch at a restaurant.

WeBee Guest Engagement Platform provides an opportunity to create behavioral offers designed specifically for each guest. These offers can be delivered to guests via push notification messages on by WeBee mobile apps.

These offers can be delivered at any phase of a guest journey. The guests can receive the offers during or even after their stay. A guest may be encouraged to book a reservation in a post-stay period of their guest journey.

Stay in touch with guests by sending them push notification messages

Along with personalized offers based on guest experiences and behaviours, you can also send bulk push notification messages to the mobile devices of the guests whenever you wish.

In this case, all WeBee mobile app users can receive push notification messages.


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