Hotels and their restaurants are often seen as an inseparable whole. Accordingly, the relationship between the restaurant and the guest is considered part of the guest experience provided by the hotel.

Traditional hospitality management methods, which were deemed standard until recently, were built on this idea. However, a hotel restaurant with an identity that offers unique experiences can contribute significantly to the hotel's revenue and increase the hotel's reputation.

This article will talk about increasing your income by improving and promoting your hotel restaurant.

Create an Identity for Your Restaurant

Restaurants that wait like a closed pearl inside hotels have difficulties attracting guests. Potential guests who dream of a fancy dinner may think that your hotel restaurant serves only hotel guests or only during certain hours.

For this reason, restaurants with their own identity turn into a more attractive and noticeable alternative. Giving your restaurant a name, creating social media accounts, decorating it according to an exceptional concept, and getting restaurant-specific guest reviews will significantly affect guest expectations.

Restaurants with identities are even more attractive to your existing hotel guests. Eating at the restaurant of the hotel you are staying in may not always make you feel special. However, no one easily misses the opportunity to have dinner under the roof of a unique brand.

Create an Innovative User Experience

According to recent trends, hospitality industry is shifting towards touchless hospitality solutions, and your restaurant is not outside of this change. Creating a digital menu can be your first step.

When your guest scans the QR code and reaches your digital menu, they will find all the information that can be found in a regular restaurant menu. The process is much more efficient if you integrate it into a guest app to complete the order. Touchless hospitality improvements to your hoteltech dramatically improve the guest experience.

Encourage Guests to Interact

In restaurant reviews, guests often tend to share their bad experiences, which causes you to drift into the negative review swamp over time. Make positive experiences worth sharing. You may offer interactive experiences with sharing options to your guests. You can provide incentives to write a review or create specially decorated spaces to capture and share incredible photos.

In addition, small actions such as photo sharing with guests or rewarding loyalty can improve guest engagement meaningfully.

Always Become an Option

In line with the location and environmental opportunities of the hotels, the guest density perpetually changes. Accordingly, the time interval that restaurants attract customers can increase during some specific hours or seasons.

When you offer options such as happy hours or signature products special for different seasons, you will also have the opportunity to earn income in low-demand periods.

Create Events Involving Restaurant Use

You can include your restaurant in many events such as meetings, group activities, seminars, and entertainment organizations. You can combine main meals with events or keep your guests interacting with your restaurant with refreshments for breaks and free times.

Don’t Forget Your Hotel Guests

Your restaurant is always an easy option for hotel guests. For this reason, they often make up a significant portion of your restaurant guests.

However, it is necessary to give importance to the experience of these guests at least as much as the guests coming from outside. The interaction of these guests with your restaurant directly affects your hotelreviews and your guests’ experience.

That's why it's essential to offer them privileges to use the restaurant. Therefore, restaurant experience is a concept that should be given importance when constructing engagement strategies. If you have an hotelapp it will take minutes to engage your guest with your restaurant.

Create a Synergy Between Your Services with WeBee Suite

Managing your hotel operations from a holistic perspective increases the value of each service. When you turn the accommodation process into a unique journey as a whole, you make your restaurant a critical destination.

When you use a complete digital guest-facing platform such as WeBee you will make the most effective use of your hotel's staff and facilities. In this way, you can keep your restaurant within reach of your guests at any time. Thus, you can offer many essential functions such as reservation, order, and menu control in a touchless way.

If you want to experience the difference WeBee makes in hotel management, you can request a demo or contact us.

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