Goals and Challenges

Ayada Maldives’ overall objective was to ensure a perfect digital guest experience to generate and increase revenue. On the way of attaining this goal, the company was having difficulties in:

Language Remained a Barrier
that affected guest satisfaction

The hotel receives guests from all over the world, but, although individual butlers were serving each villa, language remained a barrier that affected guest satisfaction.

Informing the Guests
about the variety of amenities and services

They were struggling while informing the guests about the variety of amenities and services they offered to increase guest orders.

Tourism Regulations
created a hassle and lowered efficiency levels

Maldives tourism regulations forbid checking guests in at the hotel’s front desk. And doing it in their rooms without digital check-in options created a hassle and lowered efficiency levels.

Hence, the hotel’s objectives were to remove the language barrier and facilitate check-in processes in order to produce non-room revenues and higher revenue. And, only an end-to-end guest experience platform and a hotel mobile app could meet Ayada Maldives’ specific needs.

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Monthly number of service requests which generate extra revenue


TripAdvisor Score


Accurate data collection thanks to geolocation-based check-in



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