When it comes to running a hotel successfully one of the key elements is hotel employee satisfaction. Most of the time this key factor is underlooked but a well-satisfied hotel staff provides excellent and memorable service, that directly boosts a positive guest experience. This means a good awareness of your hotel brand with happy guest reviews and thereby helps with the retention of new and old guests.

Since it is such a key point of your success it is important to invest in your team as you invest in your hotel. Happy and well-satisfied hotel employees are better teammates so in this article we will look at the benefits of increasing staff satisfaction in your hotel. Are you ready to get some top tips and discover more?


What are the benefits of having satisfied staff?

As we discussed before happy staffs are better employees. So if you increase your team's satisfaction at a certain level that will create a great place to work with a positive environment. Your staff will be more thrilled with doing their job and that will affect their engagement with your guests and guest experience in your hotel.

More and positively engaged guests will create a WOM on offline and online platforms that will positively contribute to your brand’s reputation.  

The happy employees are more productive and take initiative to do more. This means more efficient operations and this leads smoother guest experience. Again this directly contributes to your revenues and brand reputation.

Furthermore, happy team members are more likely to stay at their jobs for an extended period.

Learn why the online brand image is so important in hospitality.


How to Increase Your Hotel Team Satisfaction in your Hotel?

Let’s discuss some top tips on how to increase your hotel team's satisfaction as it is so important for your brand and has an impact on guest retention and revenues.

1. Implement a horizontal leadership system:

It is critical to implement a horizontal leadership system where the staff knows their job description and their managers clearly. Your hotel employee should have the awareness that they can have an open relationship with their managers and that if they have any problems, the managers will help them with all their power to solve them.

In addition, in this system, your hotel staff should be aware of your hotel's goals and strategies. Horizontal and open communication and easy accessibility will help all your hotel employees to put their best foot forward and work towards the bottom line.

2. Create A Positive Work Environment

A positive work environment has a significant influence on how the staffs feel. The work environment plays a vital role in keeping staff motivated and directly impacts efficiency. It significantly influences his/her work life. It reflects in the work they do and helps sustain positivity throughout the day.

Create a positive work environment through open communication, building trust, healthy work relationships, listening, and promoting equal opportunities.

3. Evaluate and Measure Employee Satisfaction

Like all people your staffs need to be heard. To build a trusting relationship between you and your staff employee engagement surveys are brilliant tools. Conduct monthly, biannual, or yearly employee engagement surveys o hear employees out anonymously. Employees can put any simple suggestions they want to make or write anything that bothers them.

Show them that your hotel management cares and listens to their problems and ideas. Take action on them. So they feel that they are valuable for your work and a part of a big family.

4. Rewards and Recognition for The Good Work

According to OfficeTeam’s study, 66% of employees say they would “likely leave their job if they didn’t feel appreciated.” If an employee feels valued and appreciated, they’re much more likely to be more engaged with their work and sustain a high level of job satisfaction.

Recognizing your staffs for their hard work also functions as a great motivator for them to strive toward reaching their highest potential levels. When a staff rewarded and recognized for his/her work, it builds her/his morale, productivity, and overall employee satisfaction or job satisfaction.

Hospitality is all about creating a comfortable travel experience, and personal customer service and communication will always be a key skill. Hotels can develop a strong brand image by improving their staff’s interpersonal skills. 

Some tools like the service optimization platforms help hotel management to see the staff productivity so your team can be recognized for the good service that they give.

5. Develop Your Staffs Skills

Helping your staff develop their skill sets is also one of the attributes of employee satisfaction. When you give your employees room for developing their skills, it boosts their job satisfaction and increases work efficiency. This also signifies that, along with your organizational growth, you even care about their career development.

6. Help Them to Work as a Perfect Synced Team:

Your staff faces hundreds of requests every day. Sometimes a technical problem is told to a housekeeping employee or the front desk is called to request a toothbrush in the room. And when it comes to guest experience, unfortunately, there must be no miscommunication, mistakes, or delays in hotel operation.

There are two crucial answers to this problem.

  1. To have a guest experience app to address all requests to one single platform. With having a hotel app for your guests you will have an employee at the tips of their fingers. Whenever or where ever they have a request or a question about your services all they need to do is to type it down to your app. Voila, you are more engaged within a second.
  2. To have a staff collaboration tool. Most of the time hotel teams work as solid departments instead of one cohesive team. Whether it's a housekeeping, maintenance, front desk, or concierge request a staff collaboration tool helps your staff work together as one perfect synced team with a consolidated service delivery system.

By connecting your staff, your departments, and your leadership and making them work together on a simple dashboard your hotel services will be reaching the highest standards: from ensuring basic customer needs are met, to executing highly personalized and anticipatory service.

7. Create a Transparent Culture:

A transparent work culture creates an environment where employees are comfortable communicating and exchanging ideas without fear of being unheard or dismissed. A transparent culture allows employees to be informed and involved in company decisions that affect their everyday work lives.

Creating a transparent culture through a horizontal leadership system is the best way to get a grasp on the overall pulse of the working environment.

8. Invest in Your Staff’s Well-being:

If staff is not prioritizing their own health and wellness, they’re more likely to experience lower levels of not only job satisfaction, but overall happiness as well. You know health is wealth. Employees who are healthy and stress-free have better productivity and a greater sense of responsibility for their job.

So show your staff that your hotel management cares. Create corporate wellness programs or sessions and monitor their behavior to foster a positive culture. Or simply give them additional time for self-care. Whether it’s a 15-minute walk to clear your staff’s head, a coffee break or a well-being seminar, there are so many ways that you can boost wellness in your hotel.

9. Provide Your Staff a Roadmap to Growth:

It’s crucial to have a clear roadmap to growth for each and every one of your staff. Career roadmaps help employees visualize their career development and should be based on that individual’s skills, expertise, and interests. Providing a clear career growth roadmap for hotel staffs allows them to easily picture a long-term future at your hotel resulting in employee retention and loyalty.

Making plans and investing in your hotel staff's professional development path shows that you value their unique skills and that they are integral contributors to the hotel’s success.

10. Empower Your Staff to Make Decisions:

Your hotel staff shouldn’t feel like their hands are tied behind their back when it comes to making decisions about their work. By empowering hotel staff to make his/her own decisions, you’re encouraging him/her to be autonomous and allowing his/her critical thinking skills to flourish.


In this article, we’ve looked at the benefits of increasing staff satisfaction in your hotel and shared some top tips.

For more operational efficiency there are some staff collaboration tools that make your team work as a comprehensive team but more importantly, your staff needs to feel that him/her has a crucial role in your hotel and that she/him can make a difference in it.

More satisfied staff will help you to grow your hotel business with excellent service standards and add value to your brand reputation.

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