Digital transformation has been disrupting all aspects of our lives. As today's technologies, such as robotic process automation, Internet of Things, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and many more, were already heralding new experiences for hotel businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this transformation.

In this new normal after the crisis, guest expectations have shifted to digital experiences that put their safety first. However, guest satisfaction had already been on the agenda of hotel businesses and the tourism industry. In Statista’s survey conducted in 2020, approximately 61% of hotel industry respondents stated that their priority was to adopt new technologies to serve guests better.

This priority now translates into technology-mediated guest experiences. Because just like any other industry, hotel guests now expect smooth experiences that make their stay memorable. This includes online booking, concierge services, guest messaging, and many more mobile solutions bringing services to their fingertips.

This is why for hospitality management, digital transformation has become the key to success by increasing service quality, online reputation, and revenue. So, read on to discover hotel trends and how hotel technology is creating the new generation hotels.

1.Boost Hotel Operations

Digitizing hotel operations simplifies both hoteliers' and guests' lives while improving guest-facing operations’ efficiency to the next level. For instance, there will be no more long lines for the front desk if the hotel embraces next-generation, self-service solutions like WeBee. WeBee boosts hotel operations with high-tech solutions by featuring mobile check-in and check-out, mobile payment options, in-room F&B orders, keyless room entry, online messaging, and mobile requests and orders of services.

What's more, WeBee's mobile staff app simplifies internal staff communication and workflow, boosting team efficiency and the guest service your hotel offers. Online messaging also enables your staff to communicate directly with guests, allowing you to offer a responsive service for end-to-end guest satisfaction.

2.Make Smart, Data-Driven Decisions

Embracing high-tech solutions involve benefiting from the data they provide at each step of your growth strategy and optimizing them by tracking their results. In the hospitality industry, this translates into gaining constant data flow from guests about their hotel experience. By analysing this data you can improve your hotel’s operations with smart, data-driven decisions.

For example, WeBee's end-to-end guest platform allows you to create personalized campaigns such as room service, tours, special day offers, spa services, on-property restaurants, and more. These behavioral offerings are designed specifically for each guest, enabling you to personalize each experience based on their preferences. And when you empower your marketing campaigns with constant data, this success will turn into revenue.

3.Upgrade Service Quality

Digitizing hotel services is the key to providing for shifting guest demands and the most prominent one is to offer them a self-service guest journey. Digitally savvy hotel guests now want total control in any service they receive -starting from booking their room to accessing hotel amenities and concierge services via guest apps.

What's more, they don't want to encounter push-style marketing efforts that don't put their personal needs and preferences first. And once again, this is when hotel tech comes to play. Because via utilizing guest engagement platforms like WeBee, you can highlight the right amenities for each guest and gain customer satisfaction and retention.

Hence, digital transformation in the hotel industry implies boosting your service quality by giving the guests total control of their own experiences right at their fingertips.

4.Ensure Guest Satisfaction

Today, offering guest-oriented responsive services is indispensable for any business. That's why embracing digital transformation opens a slew of opportunities for hospitality management. Hotels must ensure that their guests have exceptional experiences before, during, and after their stay. And only high-tech solutions like WeBee can provide this excellence.

Utilizing WeBee's hotel app, you can create an attentive but safe experience and make guests feel valued at each step of their journey. And this guest satisfaction will convert to numbers: it has been proven that hotels that work with WeBee have an average of 4.8 Tripadvisor scores and 9.4 review scores.

5. Realise Digital Transformation with WeBee

Today, many businesses are at a standstill on the edge of digital transformation. And yet, the COVID-19 crisis proved once again that change comes faster than we expect it. Not only embracing new technologies but holistically implementing them is necessary for a transformation to be successful. For the travel industry, hotels now must ensure flawless guest experiences from the second they start planning their vacation and pursue it even after their stay.

That's why WeBee offers 360-degree guest experience technology solutions that help hotels drive more service sales, upgrade guest journeys, digitise operations, streamline daily workflow, and more. WeBee focuses on delivering next-generation technology for a flawless guest experience. And a faster, contact-free engagement between hotel guests and staff makes the experience unforgettable for them and manageable for you.

If you want to learn more about how to enter the new age of hospitality and realise digital transformation with WeBee, we are here to help.

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