As one of the best hotel guest engagement platforms in Turkey, we have recently launched our customer success program, in November 2018. Although WeBee was founded in Turkey we made our breakthrough in Dubai, where the best and the biggest hotels are – and so is the biggest competition! This success also paved the way for WeBee to join ITUGate program, which further accelerated our company’s growth.

With being active in more than 10 countries, we have extended our customer success program in order to achieve an increase in hotels’ mobile app downloads.



What does WeBee Customer Success Program Achieve?

Different from customer satisfaction, which ignores the value achieved by the customer, customer satisfaction program aims to ensure a “customer gains added value”, by interacting with a company or a product. To allow this, companies resort to various means including but not limited to training a customer to take advantage of the product or companies services, sharing vital information or statistics with the customers, analyzing other success stories and sharing the results with their customers etc.

WeBee customer success program resembles a symbiotic relationship in a way. We try to ensure our customers thrive and assume they’ll bond with our brand, which assures a win-win situation for both parties.

As we are extending our customer success program which we have been implementing successfully abroad, we are planning that our customers get the most of WeBee.



Primary goals of WeBee’s customer success program can be stated as:

  1. Achieving an increase in hotel revenues.
  2. Making sure hotels receive better reviews and more positive interactions in social media or hotel review platforms; such as TripAdvisor.
  3. Enforcing an increase in the efficiency of hotels’ workforce.

As of now; Akgün Otel, Arcadia Blue Otel, Galeri Otel and Lionel Otel are benefiting from WeBee’s customer success program.

We will shortly share an infographic including the success of the program with some statistics and data, hoping to encourage more hotels to take advantage of the program.

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