Driving ROI With Innovative Hospitality Technologies

The digitalization trend is creating a silent revolution in all industries. Organizations that benefit from innovative, data-driven technologies in every sector are managing much more efficient processes and making their business more profitable.

Due to this revolution, guest expectations and habits are changing rapidly in the hospitality industry, as in every sector. According to the changes in hotel trends in recent years, we can say that the wind of digital transformation is constantly pushing hoteliers toward modern technologies.

This article will discuss how modern technologies developed specifically for the hospitality industry provide a great return on investment (ROI).

How Innovative Technologies Boost ROI

Hotel management is a complex process that requires many actors to work in perfect harmony. It is not an easy task to manually carry out such a complicated process with traditional methods. Often, adverse numbers on the annual ROI report of hotels are due to poorly planned and inefficient hotel management strategies.

That's exactly why modern accommodation technologies are not optional anymore for those who want to adapt to the future of hospitality. Because as the expectations and habits of guests adapt for the better, hoteliers who act with primitive strategies will inevitably fall behind the competition.

Let's discover how innovative technologies can boost guest experience and ROI.

Segmenting Guests for More Efficient Service:

Analytics-based technologies that can analyze and report hotel guest data can enable you to identify your hotel's most profitable guest personas. By making use of these technologies, you can create much more accurate advertisements and offers.

At the same time, you can arrange your hotel services, room features, and many more technical details to offer personalized experiences to your target audience.Thus, you can increase ROI by reducing advertising costs and connecting your hotel to the most valuable guests.

Better Reviews, Higher Guest Engagement

With modern hotel technologies, you can ensure that your hotel guests have an uninterrupted and comfortable experience throughout their stay. Advantages such as being able to access a service with a single click via the guest app, saving time by checking in to the hotel in advance, or communicating with hotel staff at any time will radically increase their hotel experience.

Of course, this superior guest satisfaction will encourage them to promote your hotel through social media channels, review sites, or word of mouth. This causes your hotel to climb to the top of the hotel rankings.

At the same time, we should not forget that guests who are fully satisfied with their experience at your hotel will be much more engaged and possibly make at least one more visit.

Effective Resource Management for Events and Groups

Thanks to modern hotel technologies, it is much easier to identify the demands of groups and technical necessities required for events.

You can easily manage the allocation of the right number of rooms at the right times and ensure that the food and beverage amounts needed for the event are provided.

Communication with the hotel and other organizational units is very important for the events to take place flawlessly. Instant communication through digital channels effectively satisfies this need.

Groups usually make reservations for specific activities, such as business, arts, and sports. There are specific needs for specific activities. It is critical to prepare the appropriate solutions for these needs and ensure that they are serviced at the right time.

When you organize these processes with the advanced management capability provided by modern hotel technology, you can increase guest satisfaction, become a center of attraction for groups and events, and keep the additional costs of last-minute planning in your hotel's budget.

Optimizing Hotel Restaurant Expenses

You must constantly provide food products for your hotel restaurant. If you can determine which guests prefer what kind of food in which period using data analytics, you can be sure that you are ordering the right resources in the right quantity.

At the same time, taking orders in the hotel restaurant by manual methods using physical menus both creates the need for service personnel and printing costs. You can convert menus into digital menus with QR codes and enable orders to be placed via a mobile app.

If you reduce your restaurant's food waste, printing expenses, and employee workload, you can contribute significantly to your ROI.

Accurate Predictions for the Future

New generation hotels can make accurate predictions about the future using historical data with advanced hospitality solutions. If you can predict hospitality and travel trends, you can also calculate your probable cash flow.

This way, you can determine which periods will have fewer guests and reduce costs of investing, or you can identify the periods when guest mobility is expected due to specific events and eliminate your risk of being caught unprepared.

At the same time, with innovative hotel technologies, you can determine in which periods individual and group reservations are made and keep your room number and type under control accordingly.

Automating Processes That Require Resources

Many processes, especially in communication with guests, are opportunities for automation, and this automation creates significant labor and time savings.

With advanced hotel tech, you can communicate with your guests before and after their stay through automated emails. You also can change your price rates and offers automatically.

These technologies also ensure that you don't put the burden of manually keeping track of check-in and out transactions on your staff.

Increasing the Hotel’s Non-Room Revenues

Some modern hotel technologies allow you to offer your hotel services in a compact way to your guests via a hotel app. When guests can access all services with a single click, it becomes easier for them to discover what they need and purchase the appropriate service.

If your hotel doesn't have such an innovative solution, guests will have to tour the entire hotel to discover the services, and sometimes even that is not enough.

When you efficiently connect your services with your guests, your non-room income increases rapidly.

A Best-In-Class Platform for Future Hoteliers

A proven and holistic guest-facing platform can be your partner in moving your hotel management processes into the hospitality dynamics of the future.

WeBee solutions make the lives of hoteliers easier by automating communication, marketing, and staff workflow while increasing the digital guest experience throughout digital touchpoints of the accommodation journey.

WeBee provides 30-60x ROI, and hotels that use WeBee have average TripAdvisor ratings of 4.8.

If you want to experience the difference WeBee makes in hotel management, you can request a demo or contact us.

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