Until recently, the hospitality industry relied on creating guest experiences based on the human touch. But as we all embrace the digital tools that make our lives easier in various ways, our practices have evolved. We now demand to control the way we receive services and hence, our experiences. What’s more, the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this shift.

Following the need for touch-free guest experiences, traditional methods in the hotel sector that required exceptional staff interactions such as concierge, front desk, or room service have become undesirable. Consequently, how we define a positive guest experience is no longer solely relying on the hotel's exceptional staff. It also includes the mobile self-service opportunities a hotel offers: A Metova survey found that 90% of guests prefer a hotel experience that allows them to manage their stay with a mobile app.

So what benefits do offering self-service guest experiences have for hotels? How does hotel tech bring the flexibility and freedom that guests demand? Let's dive in!

1. Allow Them to Guide Their Experience

First of all, keep in mind that 67% of customers prefer self-service rather than talking to someone on the phone. And, embracing hotel applications instead of simply relying on your hotel staff also brings visibility to your offerings. This visibility translates into giving control to your guests while letting them know what they might need in their hotel experience.

Thanks to this mobile accessibility, not only can they discover your offerings but they can also give you feedback concerning expectations as they guide their experiences. Moreover, you can analyze the data you collect during their self-service guest experience with hotel tech as you capture more opportunities to get reviews and adjust your offerings to their preferences.

Hence, mobile hotel apps like WeBee allow your guests to guide their own journeys as you bring visibility and flexibility to your offerings on the way to guest satisfaction. And thanks to them, the only thing you will need is to follow the leads guests give you.

2. Open Room for Personalized Offerings

As guest engagement platforms like WeBee offer a self-service guest journey, they allow gathering data about guests to approach them with personalized offerings. In this way, you can offer them services and upgrades according to their preferences and deliver customized experiences before, during, and after their stay.

By benefiting from hotel technology, you automate your services like online check-in and check-out, room services, and concierge, thus giving your staff the freedom to focus on guests and make recommendations in line with their personal interests. This way, you can boost personal interaction that will lead to positive impressions with hotel tech too.

3. Boost Staff Happiness and Efficiency

As you digitize and automate your services with self-service hotel tech like the WeBee hotel app, your business processes will not only be faster but more efficient.

When it comes to making reservations, taking payments, or even spelling guests' names via phone, some human errors occur inevitably. But via self-check-in, guests can input their information themselves and such mistakes will be reduced. And, accordingly, your staff efficiency will rise as they have more time to focus on guest satisfaction and problem-solving. In this way, they will be able to make a real difference utilizing their skills while boosting guest engagement.

4. Generate Revenue with More Opportunities

Utilizing self-service hotel tech also equals more cross-selling and upselling opportunities. Hotel experience platforms allow you to highlight your services or amenities and reach your guests at the right time and place with high-touch engagement. So, make sure to benefit from hotel tech to never miss out on any sales and upgrade opportunities - without extra labor. You can also check out our upselling techniques to grow your hotel business.

5. Ensure Guest Satisfaction with WeBee

As digital tools spread in many aspects of our lives, guests now opt for time-saver self-service technologies rather than traditional interaction methods. And, fully customizable mobile apps like WeBee Mobile offer self-service guest experiences giving full access to amenities and services that are served right into the hands of your guests. Moreover, WeBee uses bi-directional language translations in 110 languages to remove all the barriers between your hotel and guests from any location.

At WeBee, we focus on giving your guests the personalized touch that they want in all the stages of their journey. Only a 360-degree guest engagement platform combining guest messaging and process automation can deliver exceptional guest experiences. If you want to learn more about how you can grow your hotel business with a self-service guest experience, we are ready to help.

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