Elite World Asia Hotel partners with WeBee to improve customer satisfaction

With its nine luxurious complexes, elite world is one of the most prestigious and renowned hotel chains in turkey. elite world hotels offer elegance, comfort and a wide range of services in combination with warm turkish hospitality.

As part of the elite world hotels group, elite world asia hotel is located in küçükyalı and is turkey’s fastest growing local hotel. elite world asia hotel first opened its doors in 2008 with its “business to happiness” concept, which catered to businesses and meetings.

In order to provide an excellent experience for its clients and customers, elite asia world hotel couldn’t ignore the potential of cutting-edge technology and productivity tools. as a result, the hotel partnered with webee, which provided the software to directly connect guests and hotel staff and ensure a personalised, efficient and positive guest experience.

With 350 comfortable rooms, a 700-bed capacity, and a stunning view of princes islands, elite world asia hotel is designed to elevate guest expectations and experiences to the highest standards.

Thanks to the webee app, guests can send their requests directly to hotel staff. this means elite world asia hotel can diversify its communication and feedback channels by using in-app tools like questionnaires, surveys and push notifications.

If you want to empower your hotel staff with our tailor-made branded webee app or need any further information, contact us and we will be more than happy to help!